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One2one Solo Jazz classes with Egle Regelskis

You may have questions or struggles that sit on your back for too long, and you need that little help to break the ice that you could enjoy dancing more and feel the progress.

One to one training is based on completely personal individual classes. You can take only one class or as many as you want. Anyhow, get that help to make the most of your Solo Jazz dance experience. It will give you schedule flexibility as well as personal attention.

Classes are held through ZOOM. After registration you will be contacted via email to set your time and then emailed a ZOOM invitation.

●   A class takes 1 hour and costs 50 EUR
●   3 classes pack costs 135 EUR (save 15 EUR)
●   5 classes pack costs 225 EUR (save 25 EUR)

Below is the feedback I received from my students:

Egle, thank you for sharing your ideas with me! The class was really inspiring and it gave me lots of stuff to work with. I had done some similar exercises before in different classes but your approach was new and mind-opening, especially with the charleston and the fall of the log. I had a lot of fun and, even though I’m a pretty shy person, I felt really comfortable working with you. I think that’s because of your kindness and your warmth.

Egle’s class helped me reconnect with the deeper aspects of dancing: rhythm, groove, and connecting with my body. From the foundation up, she helped me rethink how to build my personal style and understand my body to improve my dancing. With all this information and in just an hour I managed to move my body in new fun ways without feeling like I’m learning a style that’s someone else’s. I had a great time and have lots of ideas of things I want to work on and practice.

One2one class was extremely useful! It revealed new sides of Solo Jazz (e.g. pushes and the way to love steps I didn’t like). Also, I started to pay more attention to another issue – that while I’m dancing it looks like I don’t enjoy it. It’s true, I feel nervous about how I look and so. Now I try to dance more relaxed and don’t worry about all this stuff. I think it is getting better than before. Thank you, Egle, for opening my eyes! ❤

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